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This page will soon feature a comprehensive list of our menu options available at our concession location that operates from approximately August to April every year at the Taylor District Ice Center in Taylor, British Columbia, Canada. We also open the concession location during the summer months for the FSJ Kennel Club's annual Dog Show, the New Totem Archery Club's tournament, and the annual Spirit of the Peace Powwow, though menu options may change during special events to appeal to each specific audience. 


Canned Pop: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, A&W Rootbeer, Diet A&W Rootbeer, Crush Grape, Canada Dry Gingerale, Nestea Iced Tea

Juice boxes: Mixed Berry, Apple, Orange

Bottled Water: 710mL with sports top, Nestle Pure Life

Powerade: 710mL with sports top, Green, Blue, Red and Purple

Chocolate Milk: Dairyland 500mL

Coffee: Columbian Roast coffee from Peace Country Delite

Tea: Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Mint Medley, Decaf Peppermint, Green Tea, Decaf Vanilla Chai, Decaf Mango-Passionfruit, Decaf Lemon-Ginger, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Decaf Chamomile-Citrus

* International Delight French Vanilla or Hazelnut creamers are available as well as milk, 10% cream, and non-dairy/powdered creamer. Additionally, we offer white sugar, raw sugar, Splenda or honey as our sweeteners.)

Cappuccino: Mocha, English Toffee and French Vanilla 

Hot Chocolate 


Candy Cups in sour or "regular" gummy flavors

A variety of Chocolate Bars

Potato Chips: 28g bags in Dorito's Nacho, Ripple's All-Dressed, Lay's Original, Lay's Ketchup, and Cheeto's Puffs

Dum-Dum Lollipops in a variety of flavors

Baked Goods: We usually feature baked goods or house-made treats such as cinnamon buns, rice krispie squares, decorated sugar cookies, decorated gingerbread men, "Color-A-Treat" Paintable Cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Cinnamon Donut Bread, Banana Bread, a variety of muffins, etc.


Fresh, never-frozen all-beef patties prepped in-house with no fillers are the base of our Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

All-Beef weiners are featured in our Hotdogs, cooked on our hotdog roller or split lengthwise and cooked on our grill

Grilled Cheese: We offer a variety of Grilled Cheese sandwiches, cooked on our European Panini Press

Panini's: We offer a variety of Panini's, cooked on our European Panini Press

B.L.T: Featuring thick-cut local bacon, fresh tomato, lettuce, and mayo and served up on Texas Toast

Chicken Avocado B.L.T: The above B.L.T with the addition of fresh-sliced lightly-seasoned avocado and pulled roasted chicken, sourced from the South Peace Colony. Always a crowd favorite!

Chicken Caesar Wrap: Romaine lettuce, bacon bits, pulled local roasted chicken, creamy caesar dressing and grated parmesan cheese, served rolled up in a flour tortilla. 

Beef n' Cheddar Sandwich:


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